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If the reasons of underfulfilment (overfulfillment) of the output plan on decades (days) are known, it is possible to calculate their influence on an arrhythmy indicator. For this purpose relative change of volume of production for this reason needs to be referred to the general indicator of arrhythmy to increase on 10

Methodical bases of the analysis of output and product sales are given in the first part of work. In the second part the object of research is described and the analysis is carried out. In the last part factors and reserves of increase in production and product sales at this enterprise are considered.

If the specific weight of more expensive production increases, the volume of its release increases in value terms, and vice versa. The same happens to the profit size at increase in specific weight highly profitable and respectively at reduction of a share of low profitable production.

Specialists of laboratories of the enterprise and sanitary and epidemiologic station of the city conduct strict chemical and bacteriological control of quality of raw materials, materials and supplies, finished goods, and also control of the course of technological process.