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TRANSFER. At the third stage the sender uses the channel for delivery of the message (the coded idea or set of ideas) to the recipient. It is about physical transfer of the message which many people by a mistake and take for process of communications. At the same time, as we saw, transfer is one of the major stages through which it is necessary to pass to inform idea to other person.

Between the organization and its environment, between above and below the located levels, between divisions of the organization exchange of information is necessary. Heads contact directly subordinates, whether it be individuals or groups. There are also hearings - as informal information system.

Feedback can promote substantial increase of efficiency of an exchange of administrative information. According to a number of researches bilateral exchange of information (in the presence of opportunities for feedback) in comparison with unilateral (feedback is absent), though proceeds more slowly, nevertheless removes stress more effectively, is more exact and increases confidence in correctness of interpretation of messages. It is confirmed in the most different cultures.