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At arterial bleeding on a shin the popliteal artery nestles. Pressing is made by both hands. Thumbs are put thus on a forward surface of a knee joint, and other fingers grope an artery in a popliteal pole and press it to a bone.

It is necessary to bring wounded with strong arterial bleeding after imposing of a plait (zakrutka) immediately in the next medical aid station or to hospital. In very cold time half an hour is desirable to weaken a plait for a short time through everyone.

The model of process of activity can be presented in the most general view consisting of two spheres: person and environment of his dwelling. Thus habitat of the person consists as of a natural environment (, and from man-made (equipment, constructions, etc.). The processes proceeding in both elements interact by means of bilateral ties which are schematically represented in drawing

For a bleeding stop from wounds of a brush and a forearm it is necessary to arrange the roller curtailed from a gauze, cotton wool or hard soft material in an elbow bend, to bend a hand in an elbow, at this forearm densely becomes attached to a shoulder.

Manual pressed arteries — it is only the first measure which is applied at arterial bleeding. It can be applied only during very short term necessary for preparation for imposing of a plait or a zakrutka on an extremity or the sterile pressing bandage on other sites of a body.

One of the main elements of progress of human society are activities for transformation of environment. This activity covers all practical, intellectual and spiritual processes proceeding in life, public, cultural, production, scientific and other spheres of life.

Arterial bleeding is determined by scarlet, bright red color of blood which jumps out of a wound the pulsing stream, sometimes in the form of the fountain. It is life-threatening as the wounded for a short period can lose a large amount of blood. Therefore it is necessary to stop bleeding quickly. The easiest way of its stop is manual pressed arteries higher than a wound place.

At arterial bleeding from a wounded vessel of the top extremity press a humeral artery to a humeral bone at an internal surface of a biceps of a shoulder four fingers of a hand. Efficiency of a clip is checked on a pulsation of a beam artery on an internal surface of an elbow bend.

burn down (zakrutka) it is impossible to hold more than 1,5-2 hours, differently there can come necrosis of an extremity. If after imposing of a plait (zakrutka) passed 1,5-2 hours, it is necessary to weaken a plait slightly and smoothly, at this time to press the injured artery fingers above a wound, and then burn down again to impose, but is slightly higher than that place where it was imposed earlier.