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However Phyl is got by deep contradiction. What it for a contradiction? The method, G., is directed on infinity of knowledge. To Poskollk his objective basis spirit, and the purpose - self-knowledge of it spirit so far as the pozaniye of course, is limited. That is system of knowledge, having passed a cycle to learn steps, will come to the end with a posledy step - self-knowledge, which realization Phil of Hegel. T.o., the protivor by method and system G. is a contradiction between final and infinite. Given a protivor at G. it is not dialectic at all, because not a source of further development.

T. defends the provision on indissoluble communication of a matter and the movement. However does not point to qualitative variety of forms move. matters, on their mutually transition. speaks and about development, but understands it metaphysically.

Only concrete sciences give all our knowledge of the world. Phil cannot state about the world of any is new provisions, not to create the International Federation of Journalists any picture of the world. Its task - the ravine the analysis and clearing sciences, in a cat are expressed knowledge of the world.

Universally developed, the persons - such is ideal Phil the image which is drawn M as a kernel the communist of an ideal are living in unity and harmony with the external and internal nature. Destruction of h property is necessary, but there is not enough for assignment by people of persons of essence.

Variety persons. qualities of the nature., it is caused by it and it is essentially impossible without it. Therefore it is impossible to oppose persons to qualitative definiteness of the chuvst-perceived phenomena. Nevertheless F understanding of the subject and object is carried by the anthropologist. har-ter.

The knowledge begins with that "transcendental objects". on our sense organs and feelings. It of course materialism. But is farther To. - idealist. The idealism consists in belief that neither oshchushchune of our sensuality, nor concept and. our mind, concept of reason cannot be given us teort. knowledge of "transcendental objects" (Air Force). The reliable knowledge is a mathematics and natural sciences. Truth of these sciences general and necessary. But it is not knowledge of the Air Force, but only about properties a thing. to a cat. forms of our consciousness are applicable:, concepts. The Air Force is essentially not learned.

Tried to determine science by its subject. However it proceeded thus from Kant idealism, assuming that sciences deal with metaphysics with a thing. As things cannot be learned, it has to be rejected.

Alienation elimination. Versatile person. Process, the return to an otchezhdeniye, - assignment persons of own original essence. The m connects it with transformations, with release the cat in a basis has destruction work. That will be if the persons start making as the person, i.e. is not dependent. In this case work will become means of self-development of the person, in realization by the person of the best parties.

The doctrine about knowledge. Is guided by the theory of judgment. The knowledge always in the form of judgment, in a cat is thought between two ponyatiyay - subjects and predicates of judgment. 2 types of this communication. In one judgments the predicate does not give new knowledge about compared with that knowledge, the cat is already thought in the subject. These are analytical uzhdeniye. Example: all bodies have extents (a predicate - have )

Expediency in it is live and the world represents not r-t of realization internally inherent the purposes, and a unity consequence a world mat. T.o it does not deny object of expediency in is live to the nature, he the rights points to its relativity.

Proved the principle of continuous evolution of public history. Herzen: the nature and persons history eternally and continuously change, they a current, inflow, the movement, and move occurs by means of fight 2 tendencies: emergence and destructions. Development goes through contradictions, fight new with old, denial become obsolete the arising.

He tries to apply idea of evolution at a knowledge teor: He believes that our illusion of congenital ideas is r-t of the saved-up heredity. That for the sake of appearances aposteriorno for the individual a priori. T.E in used up development experience brings to voznikn is new., and then this new amplifies and transferred as aprioristic.