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Formation of a new industrial complex along with transport service assumes building of industrial and civil facilities, and also development of infrastructure. Therefore the investment program which is carried out in Siberia demands the accelerated, advancing development of all construction complex and, besides, improvement of the organization of construction in relation to local conditions and taking into account achievements of scientific and technical progress.

Considering above stated, it is possible to notice with confidence that Siberia gradually puts in structure of the world economy not as the region of one of the countries of the world, and as an independent link. And this link is economically binding between the West and the East.

The amplifying communication of Siberia with Asia-Pacific countries is dictated by a variety of reasons. First, there was some gap in relationship between the countries of Europe and Siberia. Secondly, rapid economic growth of Asia-Pacific countries.

Prospects of trade of Siberia in ATR are defined the formed structural supply and demand in the commodity markets of the region. Experts predict growth of needs of Asia-Pacific countries for ferrous metals, steel, steel hire, chemical production, hydrocarbons and in wood raw materials. But an important problem is not only attraction of the capital for development of resources, but also for deepening of processing of the got raw materials.

Analyzing import of Siberia, it is possible to draw a conclusion that this region needs to strengthen a domestic situation to replace structure of import with more noble. It is also necessary to take measures for development in regions of Siberia of the competitive, focused on export production of finished goods. A basic course of development of the region export of cars, the equipment and technologies, designs, materials together with services, licenses, a know-how, including deliveries for objects of technical assistance has to be proclaimed.

Considering Siberia today, we see that gradually there is a geographical diversification of its foreign trade. Siberia strengthens more and more and expands economic and commercial relations with the countries of the Pacific Rim (PR). Also geographical position of Siberia has a set of advantages. Emergence of new transport ways Europe-Asia, besides already existing is possible.

Siberia exposes to the world market production rather simple in production, that is the wood round, forest products and timber. On their share about 93%. fall to the share of various plates, panels, plywood only 3% are necessary.

The main partner in this market is Japan. She buys huge lots of forest products. Thus, having analysed above mentioned, we can tell that this market is rather developed both over the countries, and on number of participants. One of pluses of this market is the replenishment of a resource. Improvement of this market requires increase in a share of finished goods and preparations in volume of export.

It is necessary to provide the accelerated development of productions on deep mechanical and chemical processing of wood in new industrial complexes. New timber processing complexes have to have more difficult and developed technology, than the present enterprises. East territories can satisfy rather fully needs of ATR for main types of a forest product, especially in cellulose and a cardboard. And the forest product has to be made on a place: it is economically inexpedient to take out semi-finished products.

So, having considered foreign trade of Siberia, it is possible to draw conclusions that this part of the sphere of an exchange possesses a number of not solved problems today. Which need to be solved as soon as possible, but taking into account specifics of the region.