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exit of matochnik of 70%, high-quality signs: Coloring of a surface of pulp and core of root crops the orange. Form conic and tupokonichesky. It is long the 15th diameter 5,8, an index 2, a head concave diameter of 3 cm of lateral roots average quantity, threadlike, smooth, small. The root crop is completely shipped in the soil, is well pulled out., documentation — draw up the statement of autumn selection of matochnik.

blossoming in 30-40 days, (1-2 Dec. June). High-quality examination is conducted before blossoming, patients delete. Draw up the statement of high-quality inspection of seed plants before blossoming. Blossoming lasts about 40 days, carry out extra root top dressing of H3BO3, water hill.

seeds of I, and for bean and forage crops of the II, sowed in seed-growing and other farms for reproduction, have to be not lower than II categories of high-quality purity and not lower than 1 class on sowing qualities; the seeds of the corresponding reproductions sowed in state farms, collective farms and other farms on squares of commodity appointment on high-quality qualities have to be not lower than III high-quality categories,

crops terms for 5-10 days earlier, than on the food purposes (2-3 decade of May), or it is possible summer crops. The scheme 60+40+40 or the private on 45 cm or tape 50+2 predecessors: cucumber, potatoes, winter.

Carrots are consumed in the raw, in cookery and the canning industry. In pharmaceutical industry it is used for receiving pro-vitamin A (­. Carrot juice has a medical and dietary. Carrots are rich with sugars, nitrogenous substances, contain salts of iron, calcium and phosphorus. It is a lot of in it as well Bi vitamins, 82, S, etc. From seeds of carrots receive a preparation which use at coronary insufficiency. Therefore to be engaged in seed farming of carrots rather favourably as it is in great demand, and seeds there is an insufficient quantity, therefore seeds of carrots cost rather much.