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Costs of installation and construction works, acquisition of the equipment which is demanding and not demanding the installation provided in estimates on construction, the production tool and economic stock included in estimates of construction, the cars and the equipment, office equipment which are not entering estimates of construction, other capital expenditure and works belong to capital investments.

On nature of formation of investments, in modern macroeconomic, in connection with creation of models of a national economy, in particular, of models of the animator, it is accepted to distinguish the autonomous and induced investments.

Considerable wear of the equipment has an adverse effect on quality of production. The operating standard service life average 16-17 years, and actually – it is even more. Average standard service life, for example, on the equipment, it is expedient to reduce till 9-10 years that will demand the considerable

The considerable part of capital investments is carried out passing a construction stage, for example, in the form of costs of acquisition of vehicles, agricultural machinery, the equipment which is not demanding installation, etc. By means of capital investments regulation of proportions and rates of development of separate branches of a national economy is carried out.

Thus, investments not only influence expansion of capacities in the long term, but also make essential impact on in what measure already available capacities are used. In not a smaller measure, on the level of use of capacities, investments into tovaro-material stocks – that is excess of a gain of stocks over their expenditure influence. Therefore fluctuations in investment process – an important factor of change of growth rates both in short-term, and in the long term.

Concept of investment (from armor. – I dress investio) means capital investments in branch of economy within the country and abroad Distinguish financial (purchase valuable boom and real investments (capital investments in the industry, agriculture, construction, education, etc.).

The scientific knowledge of the latest production technology, of future demand and of the future business konyyuktura – is defining for economic growth. Education, the sphere of scientific researches become a decisive factor of economic growth.

Capital construction is a component of capital investments. In the course of capital construction only the part of capital investments equal to design estimated cost of installation and construction works on this object is carried out.