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The plant is destroyed by a local and tourists, now it remained only copies in hard-to-reach spots. The look is introduced in gardens of Tartusky, Kharkov and Latvian universities. Protection of all location is necessary for its preservation in the nature.

Grows in Zakarpatye and in on glades in the oak woods. Stocks of a look are smallest as it meets seldom. The plant can disappear at an economic of lands therefore the organization of protection of all its is necessary.

Perennial grassy plant with an upright malooblistvenny stalk 15 — 80 cm high. Rozetochny leaves wide, oval, smooth-edged, stem — opposite, or lantsetny; baskets, top; regional flowers reed, fruitless, yellow, median — tubular, orange-yellow. oboyepoly.

The gentian yellow only breeds, however in conditions renews very poorly. It is connected first of all by that the dense dernina of a belous to germination of seeds of a. Good renewal is noted only on sites with the broken grass cover. Other reason, seed a — intensive preparations of roots and rhizomes, and also influence of a pasture of cattle. The remains of underground bodies, ­ in the soil after preparations, cannot restore a plant the vegetative

Perennial grassy plant 5 — 25 cm high; leaves two-color, from above green, from below belovoylochny. the lower — petiolar with ovoid N ovoid and triangular, top uzkolantsetovidny. ; baskets 2 — it is rare 5; flowers lilac-tinged-violet.

Dvudomny tree to 15 — 16 m with shirokopiramidalny or dense ovoid krone. Bark, descending long fibers; branches arcuately ascend up; needles scale-like, small; berries bigger, brown-red. Possesses a strong smell.

Evergreen undersized with oblong and elliptic leaves, from above wrinkled, from below the gustocheshuychato-rusty; pink ­, sometimes white flowers are collected on 5 — 7 in shchitkovidny an umbrella.

Perennial grassy plant 30 — 100 cm high, with direct, from above a branchy stalk; leaves, gear; flowers large,, with lilac-tinged petals; povisly, 4 — 5 cm long.

Stocks of a look are small, it meets seldom. As vy about to a decorative gathers during blossoming "fructification for sale. ­ in the reserves Bialowieza Forest. Slitere. it is included in number of the protected plants in Moldova. Belarus.. This plant can be for introduction to culture.

Now renewal and the general stocks of this plant in a are reduced. Almost completely the belotsvetnik in Zakarpatye, — in the neighborhood of the cities and settlements of the Carpathians and Prikarpatye disappeared.

Perennial dvudomny plant with a gustodernisty rhizome and rough stalks. Leaves shchetinovidny; cones, without privetny leaf, — uzkotsilindrichesky, — oblong and cylindrical, friable, with the bulged sacks.

Stocks of a look are considerable, but are quickly reduced because of mass collecting a. For a long time ­ in gardens of Western Europe as. It is partially protected in reserved and hunting economy. Collecting this plant needs to be

Perennial grassy plant 16 — 35 SI high from a stalks and the truncated branches in bosoms of leaves. Leaves darkish,, petiolar peristorazdelny; baskets — in friable difficult guards. uvulas of regional flowers the yellow.

Perennial grassy plant with large root system, from a short many-domed and several big lateral roots; a stalk to 1,5 m, in its top mouth in bosoms of leaves large bright yellow flowers settle down.

The plant has the small giving 3 — 4 leaves and a tsvetonosny stalk with a single flower, we in the fall; an okolotsvetnik of a bright purple or lilac with dark veins, and inside the.

The tree up to 5 m high with curved branches and smooth red bark, in the middle of June cracks and disappears, baring young green bark, by the end of summer the reddening. The leaves wintering leathery, and oblong and ovoid; — in top whisks, white or pale yellow; berries small, orange or ouro-orange,, mesh and wrinkled.

Monoecious tree 10 — 15 and height with shirokopiramidalny or dense ovoid krone. Bark brown; branches usually bow-shaped, curved up; needles scale-like, small, glaucescent-green, skintight to ; cones about 1 cm in the diameter, single or are assembled on some, dark blue with intensive light-siyozym for a short while.

Bush 50 — 80 cm high with branches; the blossoming branches have a panicled appearance as inflorescences consistently; the golovchaty inflorescence consists from white, pale ­, is more rare than yellow flowers.